International Diversity Awards

On May 21, 2018, the International Cultural Diversity Awards will be organized in Rotterdam,

the most multicultural city in the Netherlands!
The awards will be a mix of networking and a surprising and inspiring cultural divers program.

And offcourse the highlight of the evening will be the cultural diversity awards!
The winner of the international cultural diversit awards 2018 goes to........So do not miss it!

Incredible speaker:
Jimmy Nelson 
Incredible speaker:
Mayor Aboutaleb

Jimmy Nelson is a photographer and is very educated about cultural diversity you can watch a video about him here!

Click here for an inspirational word of Jimmy Nelson.

Mayor of Rotterdam mayor Aboutaleb will be opening the International Diversity Awards! Rotterdam is the most Diverse city of the Netherlands.

The International Diversity Awards will Colourful business the colourful entrepreneurs, talents and individuals who are committed to promoting cultural diversity, inspire, empower, connect, display, knowledge enhancement, network enhancement, advancement through the International Diversity Awards. It awards will be handed out in the categories in corporate, business, culture, sports, and social entrepreneurs. Of course, there will also be a number one.


In 2001, the UN adopted the Declaration on the day of cultural diversity transferred to UNESCO. Together, the UN and UNESCO on 2 November 2001 21 May to international cultural diversity proclaimed day.

''The Day will provide us with an opportunity to deepen understanding of the values of Cultural Diversity and to learn to “live together” better. This is why UNESCO appeals to the Member States as well as to all civil society to celebrate this World Day by involving as many actors and partners as possible.''    

"Celebrating cultural diversity means opening up new perspectives for sustainable development and promoting creative industries and cultural entrepreneurship as sources of millions of jobs worldwide – particularly for young people and especially for women. Culture is a sustainable development accelerator whose potential has been recognized in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations.''

-Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

Who is your "cultural diversity hero", nominate him or her here for the International Diversity Awards.

Nominate your hero in the categories: corporate, business, culture, sports, social  and entrepreneurs. The winners will be  annouced at the evening , so do not miss it!

The International Diversity Awards ceremony

The program will be updated soon!

A spectacular closing.​

SKVR's dance project "Make you move" provide many youth with the opportunity to dance weekly, on as many possible locations in Rotterdam. This created different dance teams. These teams train weekly with the help of a professional dance coach. What makes Make You Move On-team "De Legends" special is that it is led by Ibrah Kakande, one of the talented dancers from the group itself. They perform together almost every week!

Dancers: Angel Gonzales, Bobbina Koster, Ibrah Kakande, Juan Jose Markes, Johanna Sauer, Josebelle Silva, Lutsia Kors, Samantha van Damme, 
Sharaf Maurice, Sirak Areguy, Riesely Rosaria

De Lengends

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Soon more information!
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What other colourful heroes said about cultural diversity.

International Diversity Awards is for the people who love them engaged for cultural diversity. There will also be people nominated for the awards we hand out. Do you want to celebrate cultural diversity and experience come to the gala on May 21!

During the International Diversity Awards, you can expect to experience cultural diversity. People will be nominated for awards, which are handed out in the course of the evening. International Diversity Awards will consist of: speakers, awards, dance, music, food and much more. It will be an experience.

International Diversity Awards are the awards of the year! The awards will be given on May 21, Why? Since May 21, the day of international cultural diversity and with the award, we celebrate not only we experience it. From this year the awards will be on May 21 every year, so do not miss the first time!



For who ?

| Program |

International Diversity Awards includes:                      
A variety of colourful musical culinary setting.


4 pm till 9 pm


Villa Thalia Rotterdam

16:00 – 21:00 o’clock







16.00-16.30 o’clock: Opening & Registration . Be on time at the event!

  • A spectacular cultural opening act by Jambo Afrika, Ubuntu (i'am because of you), Cultural connection trough music, by Jambo Afrika

  • Welcome speech of Colourful Business & Jimmy Nelson

  • Archell Thompson, storyteller and spoken word artist, by Het Huis van Asporaat

  • Maya Cristina, Soul- Jazz singer songwriter from Rotterdam


  • Presentation of the diversity heroes 2017

- Funda Mujde, cabaret and entrepreneur

- Remon Stotijn, Social Life, Artiest, producer, music pioneers and frontman of the world  known Postmen

- Karen Oppelland, Founder of Nederland in dialoog

- Denise Jannah, Jazz singer

- Karima Ouchan, Founder of Vrijdagmiddagcouscous

- Kenneth Asporaat, Founder of Het huis van Asporaat

- Ariette Kasbergen Director of SKVR

  • Performance by De Legends, SKVR dance project Make you Move provide many youth with the opportunity to dance on a weekly basis.

  • Jimmy Nelson, Importance of Culture by an international respected and worldly known photographer .

  • Ozkan Golpinar, Wake up call for cultural diversity, Top advisor in diversity & culture

  • Denise Jannah & Wolf Martini unplugged, famous and the first Dutch Caribbean singer who got a record deal with the legendary American BLUE NOTE JAZZLABEL

  • AND THE WINNER IS.......Announcement winner of  the International Diversity Award 2017, by Jimmy Nelson

  • Music, networking, bites & drinks


EVENT ENDS AT 21:00 o’clock

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